Algorithm::Evolutionary::Wheel - Random selector of things depending on probabilities


    my $wheel = new Algorithm::Evolutionary::Wheel( @probs );
    print $wheel->spin(); #Returns an element according to probabilities;


Creates a "roulette wheel" for spinning and selecting stuff. It will be used in several places; mainly in the Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::CanonicalGA. Take care that fitness must be non-zero positives; since if they aren't, roulette wheel won't work at all


new( @probabilites )

Creates a new roulette wheel. Takes an array of numbers, which need not be normalized

spin( [$number_of_individuals = 1])

Returns an individual whose probability is related to its fitness

first( $item, $ref_to_list )

Returns the index of the first individual smaller than the item


  This file is released under the GPL. See the LICENSE file included in this distribution,
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