Amon2::Web::Request - Amon2 Request Class


This is a child class of Plack::Request. Please see Plack::Request for more details.


This class decode query/body parameters automatically. Return value of $req->param(), $req->body_parameters, etc. is the decoded value.


$req->uri_with($args, $behavior)

Returns a rewritten URI object for the current request. Key/value pairs passed in will override existing parameters. You can remove an existing parameter by passing in an undef value. Unmodified pairs will be preserved.

You may also pass an optional second parameter that puts uri_with into append mode:

  $req->uri_with( { key => 'value' }, { mode => 'append' } );
$req->param_raw($key => $val)

These methods are the accessor to raw values. 'raw' means the value is not decoded.