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Apache2::Controller::Log::DetectAbortedConnection - helper handler for detecting cancelled connections to the client.


Version 1.001.001


You don't need to use this handler, probably.

This is pushed internally by Apache2::Controller::Session to detect in the PerlLogHandler phase if the connection has been broken to the client before the server closes the connection.

So far it's only useful for the session, and because we now use a PerlLogHandler for session saving instead of the PerlCleanupHandler in prior versions. Using a PerlCleanupHandler caused problems with synchronicity since the test scripts would fire off a new request before Apache was done processing the session saving from the prior request... I don't know why it did this under prefork with Apache::Test, but it did.

So, I'm leaving it separate just in case it is useful for something else in the future.



Sets $r->pnotes->{a2c}{connection_aborted} with the boolean results of $r->connection->aborted() and returns.

I am not entirely sure why to cache this except that I couldn't figure out any other way to manually override this state even if you didn't abort the connection, if that's useful. I may be over-planning here.





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