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This document describes version 0.003 of App::ProveDists (from Perl distribution App-ProveDists), released on 2020-03-07.


See the included script prove-dists.




 prove_dists(%args) -> [status, msg, payload, meta]

Prove Perl distributions.

To use this utility, first create ~/.config/prove-dists.conf:

 dists_dirs = ~/repos
 dists_dirs = ~/repos-other

The above tells prove-dists where to look for Perl distributions. Then:

 % prove-dists '^Games-Word-Wordlist-.+$'

This will search local CPAN mirror for all distributions that match that regex pattern, then search the distributions in the distribution directories (or download them from local CPAN mirror), cd to each and run prove in it.

You can run with --dry-run (-n) option first to not actually run prove but just see what distributions will get tested. An example output:

 % prove-dists '^Games-Word-Wordlist-.+$' -n
 prove-dists: Found dist: Games-Word-Wordlist-Country
 prove-dists: Found dist: Games-Word-Wordlist-Enable
 prove-dists: Found dist: Games-Word-Wordlist-HSK
 prove-dists: Found dist: Games-Word-Wordlist-KBBI
 prove-dists: Found dist: Games-Word-Wordlist-SGB
 prove-dists: [DRY] [1/5] Running prove for distribution Games-Word-Wordlist-Country (directory /home/u1/repos/perl-Games-Word-Wordlist-Country) ...
 prove-dists: [DRY] [2/5] Running prove for distribution Games-Word-Wordlist-Enable (directory /tmp/AmYe5AHXpm/Games-Word-Wordlist-Enable-2010090401) ...
 prove-dists: [DRY] [3/5] Running prove for distribution Games-Word-Wordlist-HSK (directory /home/u1/repos/perl-Games-Word-Wordlist-HSK) ...
 prove-dists: [DRY] [4/5] Running prove for distribution Games-Word-Wordlist-KBBI (directory /home/u1/repos/perl-Games-Word-Wordlist-KBBI) ...
 prove-dists: [DRY] [5/5] Running prove for distribution Games-Word-Wordlist-SGB (directory /tmp/xHAvt5uAhM/Games-Word-Wordlist-SGB-2010091501) ...

The above example shows that I have the distribution directories locally on my ~/repos, except for Games-Word-Wordlist-Enable and Games-Word-Wordlist-SGB, which prove-dists downloads and extracts from local CPAN mirror and puts into temporary directories.

If we reinvoke the above command without the -n, prove-dists will actually run prove on each directory and provide a summary at the end. Example output:

 % prove-dists '^Games-Word-Wordlist-.+$'
 | dir                                          | label                                 | reason                            | status |
 | /home/u1/repos/perl-Games-Word-Wordlist-KBBI | distribution Games-Word-Wordlist-KBBI | Test failed (Failed 1/1 subtests) | 500    |

The above example shows that one distribution failed testing. You can scroll up for the detailed prove output to see the detail of the failure, fix things, and re-run.

To summarize not only failures but all successes as well, use --summarize-all option:

 % prove-dists '^Games-Word-Wordlist-.+$' --summarize-all
 | dir                                                   | label                                    | reason                            | status |
 | /home/u1/repos/perl-Games-Word-Wordlist-Country       | distribution Games-Word-Wordlist-Country | PASS                              | 200    |
 | /tmp/rjjMJVgaXg/Games-Word-Wordlist-Enable-2010090401 | distribution Games-Word-Wordlist-Enable  | PASS                              | 200    |
 | /home/u1/repos/perl-Games-Word-Wordlist-HSK           | distribution Games-Word-Wordlist-HSK     | NOTESTS                           | 200    |
 | /home/u1/repos/perl-Games-Word-Wordlist-KBBI          | distribution Games-Word-Wordlist-KBBI    | Test failed (Failed 1/1 subtests) | 500    |
 | /tmp/_W8im6EvA0/Games-Word-Wordlist-SGB-2010091501    | distribution Games-Word-Wordlist-SGB     | PASS                              | 200    |

How distribution directory is searched: first, the exact name (My-Perl-Dist) is searched. If not found, then the name with different case (e.g. my-perl-dist) is searched. If not found, a suffix match (e.g. p5-My-Perl-Dist or cpan-My-Perl-Dist) is searched. If not found, a prefix match (e.g. My-Perl-Dist-perl) is searched. If not found, prove-dists will try to download the distribution tarball from local CPAN mirror and extract it to a temporary directory. If --no-dowload is given, the prove-dists will not download from local CPAN mirror and give up for that distribution.

When a distribution cannot be found or downloaded/extracted, this counts as a 412 error (Precondition Failed).

When a distribution's test fails, this counts as a 500 error (Error). Otherwise, the status is 200 (OK).

prove-dists will return status 200 (OK) with the status of each dist. It will exit 0 if all distros are successful, otherwise it will exit 1.

This function is not exported.

This function supports dry-run operation.

Arguments ('*' denotes required arguments):

  • dist_patterns* => array[re]

    Distribution name patterns to find.

  • dists_dirs* => array[dirname]

    Where to find the distributions directories.

  • download => bool (default: 1)

    Whether to try download/extract distribution from local CPAN mirror (when not found in dists_dirs).

  • prove_opts => array[str] (default: ["-l"])

    Options to pass to the prove command.

  • summarize_all => bool

    If true, also summarize successes in addition to failures.

Special arguments:

  • -dry_run => bool

    Pass -dry_run=>1 to enable simulation mode.

Returns an enveloped result (an array).

First element (status) is an integer containing HTTP status code (200 means OK, 4xx caller error, 5xx function error). Second element (msg) is a string containing error message, or 'OK' if status is 200. Third element (payload) is optional, the actual result. Fourth element (meta) is called result metadata and is optional, a hash that contains extra information.

Return value: (any)


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When submitting a bug or request, please include a test-file or a patch to an existing test-file that illustrates the bug or desired feature.


prove-dirs in App::ProveDirs

prove-mods in App::ProveMods

prove-rdeps in App::ProveRdeps




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