Tom Wyant
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Astro::App::Satpass2::FormatTime::POSIX::Strftime - Format time using POSIX::strftime


 use Astro::App::Satpass2::FormatTime::POSIX::Strftime;
 my $tf = Astro::App::Satpass2::FormatTime::POSIX::Strftime->new();
 print 'It is now ',
     $tf->format_datetime( '%H:%M:%S', time, 1 ),
     " GMT\n";


This class and its subclasses are private to the Astro::App::Satpass2 package. The author reserves the right to add, change, or retract functionality without notice.


This subclass of Astro::App::Satpass2::FormatTime formats times using POSIX::strftime. Time zones other than the default local zone are handled by setting $ENV{TZ} from the tz attribute before calling localtime(), but this is unsupported by the localtime() built-in. It may work, but if it does not there is nothing I can do about it.


This class provides no public methods over and above those provided by Astro::App::Satpass2::FormatTime and Astro::App::Satpass2::FormatTime::Strftime.


Support is by the author. Please file bug reports at, or in electronic mail to the author.


Thomas R. Wyant, III wyant at cpan dot org


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