Beagle - an advanced way to manage/track/serve thoughts/articles/posts


    $ beagle help
    $ beagle config --init
    $ beagle init /path/to/foo.git  --bare

    # if you already have one, you can follow it
    $ beagle follow /path/to/foo.git

    $ beagle article --title foo --body bar
    $ beagle ls
    $ beagle show ID1
    $ beagle update ID1
    $ beagle rm ID1
    $ beagle shell

    $ beagle pull
    $ beagle push

    $ beagle web


So how do you manage your articles? Before using Beagle, I managed them poorly: they were plain files messily living in the hard drive.

That way is not good, as I had to find the file's location before doing something on it, which could be depressing if I couldn't remember the location at all(it did happen for a few times), not to mention sharing or the version control stuff.

git is a great version control system. With it, you can version control your files and share them easily, though git itself can't help you much of finding files' locations.

Things are more bothersome if you use some markup language such as Wiki or Markdown in your posts. It would be awesome if you can get them converted to html automatically and check if something is wrong before publishing.

Beagle was born for this, and more.


Beagle::Manual::Tutorial, Beagle::Manual::Cookbook


sunnavy <>


Copyright 2011

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.