Beagle::Cmd::Command::mark - manage entry marks


    $ beagle mark                               # all the marks
    $ beagle marks                              # ditto
    $ beagle mark id1 id2                       # marks of id1 and id2
    $ beagle mark --set foo --set bar id1       # set "foo" and "bar" to id1
    $ beagle mark --unset id1                   # remove all marks of id1
    $ beagle mark --add foo --add bar id1       # add "foo" and "bar" to id1
    $ beagle mark --delete foo id1              # delete "foo" from id1
    $ beagle mark --prune                       # prune orphans

    $ beagle mark --import /path/to/foo.json
    $ beagle mark --export /path/to/foo.json


marks are stored in a file locally in kennel by default, so you can't expect beagle push could push that too, that's why I added --export/--import supports.

The file path can be customized via env BEAGLE_MARKS_PATH or config item marks_path.

BTW, To make it available everywhere, you may want to store the file in places like Dropbox, Ubuntu One, etc.


    sunnavy <>


    Copyright 2011

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
    under the same terms as Perl itself.