The geo-referencable location of the stock. NOTE: This entity is subject to change as a more general and possibly more OpenGIS-compliant geolocation module may be introduced into Chado.



  data_type: 'integer'
  is_auto_increment: 1
  is_nullable: 0
  sequence: 'nd_geolocation_nd_geolocation_id_seq'


  data_type: 'varchar'
  is_nullable: 1
  size: 255

A textual representation of the location, if this is the original georeference. Optional if the original georeference is available in lat/long coordinates.


  data_type: 'real'
  is_nullable: 1

The decimal latitude coordinate of the georeference, using positive and negative sign to indicate N and S, respectively.


  data_type: 'real'
  is_nullable: 1

The decimal longitude coordinate of the georeference, using positive and negative sign to indicate E and W, respectively.


  data_type: 'varchar'
  is_nullable: 1
  size: 32

The geodetic system on which the geo-reference coordinates are based. For geo-references measured between 1984 and 2010, this will typically be WGS84.


  data_type: 'real'
  is_nullable: 1

The altitude (elevation) of the location in meters. If the altitude is only known as a range, this is the average, and altitude_dev will hold half of the width of the range.



Type: has_many

Related object: Bio::Chado::Schema::Result::NaturalDiversity::NdExperiment


Type: has_many

Related object: Bio::Chado::Schema::Result::NaturalDiversity::NdGeolocationprop


  Usage: $set->create_geolocationprops({ baz => 2, foo => 'bar' });
  Desc : convenience method to create geolocation properties using cvterms
          from the ontology with the given name
  Args : hashref of { propname => value, ...},
         options hashref as:
            autocreate => 0,
               (optional) boolean, if passed, automatically create cv,
               cvterm, and dbxref rows if one cannot be found for the
               given geolocationprop name.  Default false.

            cv_name => to use for the given geolocationprops.
                       Defaults to 'geolocation_property',

            db_name => to use for autocreated dbxrefs,
                       default 'null',

            dbxref_accession_prefix => optional, default
            definitions => optional hashref of:
                { cvterm_name => definition,
             to load into the cvterm table when autocreating cvterms

             rank => force numeric rank. Be careful not to pass ranks that already exist
                     for the property type. The function will die in such case.

             allow_duplicate_values => default false.
                If true, allow duplicate instances of the same geolocation
                and value in the properties of the geolocation.  Duplicate
                values will have different ranks.
  Ret  : hashref of { propname => new geolocationprop object }