Bio::MAGETAB::Reporter - MAGE-TAB reporter class


 use Bio::MAGETAB::Reporter;


This class is used to store information on array reporter elements in MAGE-TAB. These elements typically correspond to probe sequences, or in simple cases they may map directly to biologically interesting sequences (e.g., genes). See the DesignElement class for superclass methods.


name (required)

The name of the reporter (data type: String).

sequence (optional)

The actual reporter sequence (usually DNA; data type: String).

compositeElements (optional)

A list of CompositeElements composed wholly or in part of this reporter (data type: Bio::MAGETAB::CompositeElement).

databaseEntries (optional)

A list of database entries for the reporter sequence (data type: Bio::MAGETAB::DatabaseEntry).

controlType (optional)

Where the reporter describes a control probe, this attribute should be used to give its type (e.g., 'control_buffer'; data type: Bio::MAGETAB::ControlledTerm).

groups (optional)

A list of arbitrary groups to which the reporter belongs. Typically these groups may describe which probes are experimental and which are controls; another use might be to indicate the source species of a probe on a multi-species array design (data type: Bio::MAGETAB::ControlledTerm).


Each attribute has accessor (get_*) and mutator (set_*) methods, and also predicate (has_*) and clearer (clear_*) methods where the attribute is optional. Where an attribute represents a one-to-many relationship the mutator accepts an arrayref and the accessor returns an array.




Tim F. Rayner <>


This library is released under version 2 of the GNU General Public License (GPL).