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Bryar::DataSource::Base - Base class for DataSources




This class doesn't do anything much, but shows you what you need to handle when writing your own data source.




Returns all documents making up the blog.

    $self->search($config, %params)

A more advanced search for specific documents. Here, we do implement the search the slow, stupid way, so you can inherit from this if you're really lazy. However, you should use the parameters to filter which documents you want to find, doing something like an SQL select statement.

Parameters you want to look out for:

    contains => "some text"           # Full-text search of entries

    subblog  => "blogname"            # Categorised into some sub-blog
    id       => "uniqueid"            # Unique document identifier, used
                                      # for archive links.

    since    => $epoch_time           # Bounds for when the document was
    before   => $epoch_time           # written


                       document => $document,
                         author => $author,
                            url => $url,
                        content => $content );

When your class receives this method, it needs to store a comment for a particular Bryar::Document with the given author name, link and content. Obviously, we can't implement this for you either.


This module is free software, and may be distributed under the same terms as Perl itself.


Copyright (C) 2003, Simon Cozens