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CGI::Ex::Recipes - A usage example for CGI::Ex::App!


You may find in index.cgi the following:

    use CGI::Ex::Recipes;
        conf_file => './conf/Recipes.conf',


This small but relatively complete application was inspired by the examples given by Paul in his documentation. I decided to go further and experiment with the recomendations and features which the framework provides. You are encouraged to play with it and use it as a starting point for far more complex and customized applications.

Currently an SQLite database is used, but it should be easy to switch to whatever database you like. With very little change this application should be able to use MySQL as a backend.

If you need another databse you should know how to adapt the application.


Below are listed only packages which are not available in the standart Perl 5.8 distribution.


DBI and DBD::SQLite come with ActivePerl.


    1. CPAN
    2. svn checkout
    into some viewable by the server dir with option AllowOverride All


As of VERSION 0.6 this application should run out of the box under mod_perl 2. You just need to have "AllowOverride All" configuration option set for the directory where the application is installed. In the conf directory of the installed application you will find an example httpd.conf.

See also and perl/bin/ Modify these files to meet your needs.


Below are mentioned only methods which are overridden or not provided by CGI::Ex::App. Some of them or their modified variants, or parts of them will probably find their way up to the base module. Some of them did it already. This way they will become obsolete, but that is the point.

Others will stay here since they provide some specific for the application functionality. Writing more specific methods will meen you make your own application, reflecting your own buziness logic. This is good, because CGI::Ex::Recipes has done his job, by providing a codebase and starting point for you.

You are wellcome to give feedback if you think some functionality is enough common to go up straight to CGI::Ex::App.

Bellow are described overriten methods and methods defined in this package.


Returns the value of $self->{load_conf} or 1(TRUE) by default.


Returns 0 after executing $self->step_args().


Blindly returns the current value of allow_morph key in Recipes.conf, which should be interpreted as TRUE or FALSE.


This is just our example implementation, following recomendations in CGI::Ex::App.


Ran at the beginning of the loop before prepare, info_complete, and finalize are called. If it returns true, nav_loop moves on to the next step (the current step is skipped).

In our case we bind it to the presence of the id parameter from the HTTP request. So if there is an id parameter it returns 0, otherwise 1.


Returns the password for the given user. See the get_pass_by_user method of CGI::Ex::Auth for more information. Installed as a hook to the authentication object during the get_valid_auth method.

We get the password from the configuration file, which is enough for this demo, but you can do and SQL query for that purpose if you store your users' info in the database.


Returns 0 or 1 depending on configuration for individual steps. This way we make only some steps to require authentication.


Get authentication arguments from configuration if there is such and returns a hashref. The template_args are merged in also.


The extra work done here is that we use Scalar::Util to weaken the reference to the main application which we pass for use from within the templates and template plugins. Without doing this we may have problems under persistent environments, such as mod_perl. This is very handy when you need to dynamically generate HTML or use the attached DBI object. See CGI::Ex::Recipes::Template::Menu, CGI::Ex::App.


See also CGI::Ex::App.


Currently we use the old CGI::Ex::App::conf(), so the configuration file is found as it was before CGI::Ex 2.18. See also CGI::Ex::App.


We prefer conf file extension as default over pl. See also CGI::Ex::App.


We have naive code here for logging out a user. See also CGI::Ex::App.


Currently I placed here a set of debug statements for fun. See also CGI::Ex::App.


hook/method - returns parsed arguments from $self-form->{step_info}> for the curent step. Initially called in pre_step. Not in CGI::Ex::App.


Returns the cache object. See CGI::Ex::Recipes::Cache. Not in CGI::Ex::App.


These may go in another module - created specifically for this purpose. And ofcource there are plenty of modules providing beter implementation.




Красимир Беров, <k.berov at>


Probably many.

Please report any bugs or feature requests to by putting "CGI::Ex::Recipes" in the Subject line


    Larry Wall - for Perl
    Paul Seamons - for all his modules and especially for CGI::Ex didtro
    Anyone wich published anything on CPAN


Copyright 2007-2012 Красимир Беров, all rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.