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 CPAN::Admin - A CPAN Shell for CPAN admins


 perl -MCPAN::Admin -e shell


Note: this module is currently not maintained. If you need it and fix it for your needs, please submit patches.


CPAN::Admin is a subclass of CPAN that adds the commands register and modsearch to the CPAN shell.

register calls get on the named module, assembles a couple of informations (description, language), and calls Netscape with the -remote argument so that a form is filled with all the assembled informations and the registration can be performed with a single click. If the command line has more than one argument, register does not run a get, instead it interprets the rest of the line as DSLI status, description, and userid and sends them to netscape such that the form is again mostly filled and can be edited or confirmed with a single click. CPAN::Admin never performs the submission click for you, it is only intended to fill in the form on PAUSE and leave the confirmation to you.

modsearch simply passes the arguments to the search engine for the mailing list at where all registration requests are stored. It does so in the same way as register, namely with the netscape -remote command.

An experimental feature has also been added, namely to color already registered modules in listings. If you have Term::ANSIColor installed, the u, r, and m commands will show already registered modules in green.


URI::Escape, a browser available in the path, the browser must understand the -remote switch (as far as I know, this is only available on UNIX); coloring of registered modules is only available if Term::ANSIColor is installed.


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.