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CPAN::Audit::Freshness - check freshness of CPAN::Audit::DB


    use CPAN::Audit::Freshness;

    # from the command-line, with default threshold
    % perl -MCPAN::Audit::Freshness cpan-audit

    # from the command-line, with specified threshold of 5 days
    % perl -MCPAN::Audit::Freshness=5 cpan-audit
    % env CPAN_AUDIT_FRESH_DAYS=30 perl -MCPAN::Audit::Freshness cpan-audit


When loaded, this module outputs a warning if it thinks the version of CPAN::Audit::DB is too old. It does this by comparing the version of that module, which is date-based, with the current time. The default threshold is 30 days, although you can set the value of CPAN_AUDIT_FRESH_DAYS.

There is no other functionality for this module.


This library is under the Artistic License 2.0.


Copyright (C) 2022-2024 brian d foy, <>