CPAN::Packager - Create packages(rpm, deb) from perl modules


  use CPAN::Packager;
  my $packager = CPAN::Packager->new(
        builder      => 'RPM',
        conf         => '/home/dann/config-rpm.yaml',
        always_build => 1,
        dry_run      => 0,


CPAN::Packager is a tool to help you make packages from perl modules on CPAN. This makes it easy to make a perl module into a Redhat/Debian package.

For full documentation please see the docs for cpan-packager.


Takatoshi Kitano <>

walf443 (debian related modules)


Many people have contributed ideas, inspiration, fixes and features. Their efforts continue to be very much appreciated. Please let me know if you think anyone is missing from this list.

 walf443, fhoxh, toddr

For Developers

Use CPAN_PACKAGER_DEBUG environment to debug building a distribution package

Debug messages are displayed when you use the verbose option of the cpan-packager script.

  CPAN_PACKAGER_DEBUG=1 bin/cpan-packager --conf conf/config-rpm.yaml --module Acme::Bleach 
    --builder RPM

How to do live tests

Set the CPAN_PACKAGER_TEST_LIVE environment variable when you execute prove:

  CPAN_PACKAGER_TEST_LIVE=1 prove -lv t/it/010_build_rpm/*.t



This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.