CallBackery::User - tell me about the current user


 use CallBackery::User;
 my $user = CallBackery::User->new($self->controller);

 $user->may('right'); # does the user have the given right


All the methods if Mojo::Base as well as the following


the controller


By default the userId is numeric and represents a user account. For system tasks, it gets set to alphabetic identifiers. The following alphabetic identifiers do exist:

 __CONSOLE when running in the config console mode
 __CONFIG for backup and restore tasks


return the user id if the session user is valid.


a handle to a CallBackery::Database object.


returns a pointer to one of the Database object of a Mojo::Pg instance.


returns a hash of information about the current user.


returns a human readable login name for the current user


Extracts the session config from the cookie from the X-Session-Cookie header or the xsc parameter. If the xsc parameter is set, its timestamp must be no older than 2 seconds.


login the user object. If login return 1 you can then makeSessionCookie.

$bool = $self->may(right);

Check if the user has the right indicated.


Returns a timestamped, signed session cookie containing the current userId.


Copyright (c) 2013 by OETIKER+PARTNER AG. All rights reserved.


Tobi Oetiker <>


 2010-06-12 to 1.0 initial
 2013-11-19 to 1.1 mojo port