Octavian Râşniţă
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Catalyst::Helper::Model::Email - Helper for Mail::Builder::Simple


Version 0.03


 ./script/myapp_create.pl model Email1 Email SMTP smtp.host.com usr passwd


Using the command line above, Catalyst::Helper::Model::Email will create MyApp::Model::Email1 that looks like:

 package MyApp::Model::Email1;
 use strict;
 use warnings;
 use base 'Catalyst::Model::Factory';
   class       => 'Mail::Builder::Simple',
   args => {
     mail_client => {
       mailer => 'SMTP',
       mailer_args => {
         host => 'smtp.host.com',
         username => 'usr',
         password => 'passwd',


And you will be able to send email with this model, using the following code in your controllers:

   from => 'me@host.com',
   to => 'you@yourhost.com',
   subject => 'The subject with UTF-8 chars',
   plaintext => "Hello\n\nHow are you?\n\n",

But you will be also able to send more complex email messages like:

   from => ['me@host.com', 'My Name'],
   to => ['you@yourhost.com', 'Your Name'],
   subject => 'The subject with UTF-8 chars',
   plaintext => "Hello\n\nHow are you?\n\n",
   htmltext => "<h1>Hello</h1> <p>How are you?</p>",
   attachment => ['file', 'filename.pdf', 'application/pdf'],
   image => ['logo.png', 'image_id_here'],
   priority => 1,
   mailer => 'My Emailer 0.01',
   'X-Special-Header' => 'My special header',

...or even more complex messages, using templates.




 ./script/myapp_create.pl model <model_name> Email <mailer_args>

You need to specify the model_name (the name of the model you want to create), and all other elements are optional.

For the <mailer_args> you should add the mailer_args parameters required by the mailer you want to use.

If you want to use an SMTP server, you need to add just SMTP and the address of the SMTP server.

If you want to use an SMTP server that requires authentication, you need to add SMTP, the address of the server, the username and the password, like in the exemple given above.

The module supports the mailers supported by Mail::Builder::Simple. Mail::Builder::Simple uses Email::Sender for sending email, so check the modules under Email::Sender::Transport for finding the parameters you might need to use for each type of mailer.

This helper can add in the model just the mailer type, the hostname, the username and the password, but you can add manually other parameters like a different port than the default, or the option for using SSL when connecting to the SMTP server.

You can add to the generated model any other parameters you can use for sending email, for example the From: field, and you won't need to specify those parameters when sending each email.

You can also put the configuration variables in the application's main configuration file (myapp.conf), using something like:

   class Mail::Builder::Simple
       mailer SMTP
         host smtp.host.com
         username myuser
         password mypass
     from me@host.com



Catalyst, Mail::Builder::Simple, Email::Sender, Mail::Builder


No known incompatibilities.


No known bugs. If you find some, please announce.


Octavian Rasnita orasnita@gmail.com


This library is free software. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as perl itself.

No copyright claim is asserted over the generated code.