Config::Generator::Hook - Config::Generator hook support


This module eases the manipulation of the hooks (i.e. code references) that are used internally by the yacg command.

The check hooks are executed (in module dependency order) after the high level configuration has been read (and partially validated) but before it has been used. These hooks usually perform additional validation (not performed by the schema based validation) and set default values.

The generate hooks are executed after the final high level configuration validation. These hooks usually generate files, mainly with the help of the Config::Generator::File module.

Here is what the yacg command does, in order:

1. read and partially validate the configuration
2. run the check hooks
3. perform the final configuration validation
4. run the generate hooks
5. cleanup (e.g. handle the "manifest" file)

Note: module dependencies are handled by Perl when it loads them so the hooks will be executed in the correct order: the check hook of a given module will be executed after the check hooks of all the modules it depends on.


This module provides the following functions (none of them being exported by default):

register_hook(check|generate, CODE)

register the given check or generate hook


run all the previously registered check or generate hooks


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