Coro::Timer - timers and timeouts, independent of any event loop


 # This package is mostly obsoleted by Coro::AnyEvent.

 use Coro::Timer qw(timeout);
 # nothing exported by default


This package has been mostly obsoleted by Coro::AnyEvent, the only really useful function left in here is timeout.

$flag = timeout $seconds

This function will wake up the current coroutine after $seconds seconds and sets $flag to true (it is false initially). If $flag goes out of scope earlier then nothing happens.

This is used by Coro itself to implement the timed_down, timed_wait etc. primitives. It is used like this:

   sub timed_wait {
      my $timeout = Coro::Timer::timeout 60;

      while (condition false) {
         Coro::schedule; # wait until woken up or timeout
         return 0 if $timeout; # timed out

      return 1; # condition satisfied


   Marc A. Lehmann <>