Crypt::OpenPGP::CFB - PGP Cipher Feedback Mode


    use Crypt::OpenPGP::CFB;

    my $key = 'foo bar';
    my $cipher = Crypt::Blowfish->new( $key );   # for example
    my $cfb = Crypt::OpenPGP::CFB->new( $cipher );

    my $plaintext = 'this is secret!';
    my $ct = $cfb->encrypt( $plaintext );

    my $pt = $cfb->decrypt( $ct );


Crypt::OpenPGP::CFB implements the variant of Cipher Feedback mode that PGP uses in its encryption and decryption. The key difference with PGP CFB is that the CFB state is resynchronized at each encryption/decryption. This applies both when encrypting secret key data and in symmetric encryption of standard encrypted data. More differences are described in the OpenPGP RFC, in section 13.9 (OpenPGP CFB mode).

Typically you should never need to directly use Crypt::OpenPGP::CFB; Crypt::OpenPGP::Cipher objects wrap around an instance of this class and provide a uniform interface to symmetric ciphers. See the documentation for that module for usage details.


Please see the Crypt::OpenPGP manpage for author, copyright, and license information.