Curses::UI::AnyEvent - Sub-class of Curses::UI for AnyEvent


    use strict;

    use Curses::UI::AnyEvent;

    my $cui = Curses::UI::AnyEvent->new(-color_support => 1);

    $cui->set_binding(sub { exit }, "\cC");
    $cui->set_binding(sub { $cui->mainloopExit() }, "q");
    my $win = $cui->add('win', 'Window',
                        -border => 1,
                        -bfg  => 'red',

    my $textviewer = $win->add('mytextviewer', 'TextViewer',
                               -text => '',

    my $watcher = AE::timer 1, 1, sub {
        $textviewer->{-text} = localtime() . "\n" . $textviewer->{-text};




Very simple integration with Curses::UI and AnyEvent. Just create a Curses::UI::AnyEvent object instead of a Curses::UI one and use it as normal.

You'll probably want to install some AnyEvent watchers before you call mainloop(). Alternatively, if you want to setup the async handlers without blocking, you can use the startAsync method:


    ## add some other handlers...

    AE::cv->recv; ## block here instead

Most things work, including mouse support.


Curses::UI unfortunately implements a separate event loop in order to handle modal dialogs. This conflicts with our AnyEvent loop so it needed to be stubbed out by replacing the internal tempdialog method. Informational dialogs work normally, except they return immediately instead of waiting for the dialog to be dismissed:

    $cui->dialog("Some information: blah blah blah");
    ## ^^ Returns immediately, not when dialog dismissed!

If you wish to perform some action after the dialog is dismissed, or in the case of query dialogs you wish to access the value, there is a new -cb parameter that accepts a callback:

    $cui->question(-question => "What is your name?",
                   -cb => sub {
                              my $name = shift;
                              ## ...

Note that while a dialog is active, all keypresses are routed to that dialog instead of the main screen. However, since the main event loop is still active, it can still be processing externally triggered or timed events.


There are still a few places that call `do_one_event()` in a loop instead of using the AnyEvent loop so they will busy-loop until dismissed by the user and no background events will be processed. The cases I know about are search windows and fatal error screens. I may stub these out similarly to dialogs if I need them (patches welcome).


Curses-UI-AnyEvent github repo





Doug Hoyte, <>


Copyright 2016 Doug Hoyte.

This module is licensed under the same terms as perl itself.