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DBIx::Class::Schema::KiokuDB - Hybrid KiokuDB/DBIx::Class::Schema schema support.


version 1.23


Load this component into the schema:

    package MyApp::DB;
    use base qw(DBIx::Class::Schema);



Then load the DBIx::Class::KiokuDB component into every table that wants to refer to arbitrary KiokuDB objects:

    package MyApp::DB::Result::Album;
    use base qw(DBIx::Class::Core);



        id => { data_type => "integer" },
        title => { data_type => "varchar" },

        # the foreign key for the KiokuDB object:
        metadata => { data_type => "varchar" },


    # enable a KiokuDB rel on the column:

Connect to the DSN:

    my $dir = KiokuDB->connect(
        schema => "MyApp::DB",
        create => 1,

    # get the connect DBIC schema instance
    my $schema = $dir->backend->schema;

Then you can freely refer to KiokuDB objects from your Album class:

    $dir->txn_do(scope => 1, body => sub {

            title => "Blah blah",
            metadata => $any_object,


This class provides the schema definition support code required for integrating an arbitrary DBIx::Class::Schema with KiokuDB::Backend::DBI.


The example in the Synopis assumes that you want to first set up a KiokuDB and than link that to some DBIx::Class classes. Another use case is that you already have a configured DBIx::Class Schema and want to tack KiokuDB onto it.

The trick here is to make sure to load the KiokuDB schema using __PACKAGE__->define_kiokudb_schema() in your Schema class:

    package MyApp::DB;
    use base qw(DBIx::Class::Schema);



You can now get the KiokuDB directory handle like so:

    my $dir = $schema->kiokudb_handle;

For a complete example take a look at t/autovivify_handle.t.


KiokuDB managed objects may hold references to row objects, resultsets (treated as saved searches, or results or cursor state is saved), result source handles, and the schema.

Foreign DBIx::Class objects, that is ones that originated from a schema that isn't the underlying schema are currently not supported, but this limitation may be lifted in the future.

All DBIC operations which may implicitly cause a lookup of a KIokuDB managed object require live object scope management, just as normal.

It is reccomended to use "txn_do" in KiokuDB because that will invoke the appropriate transaction hooks on both layers, as opposed to just in DBIx::Class.


DBIx::Class::KiokuDB, KiokuDB::Backend::DBI.


Yuval Kogman <>


This software is copyright (c) 2014 by Yuval Kogman, Infinity Interactive.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.