NAME DBIx::Result::Convert::JSONSchema - Convert DBIx result schema to JSON schema

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    use DBIx::Result::Convert::JSONSchema;

    my $SchemaConvert = DBIx::Result::Convert::JSONSchema->new(
        schema => _DBIx::Class::Schema_
    my $json_schema = $SchemaConvert->get_json_schema( _DBIx::Class::ResultSource_ );


This module attempts basic conversion of DBIx::Class::ResultSource to equivalent of By default the conversion assumes that the DBIx::Class::ResultSource originated from MySQL database. Thus all the types and defaults are set based on MySQL field definitions. It is, however, possible to overwrite field type map and length map to support DBIx::Class::ResultSource from other database solutions.

Note, relations between tables are not taken in account!


Returns somewhat equivalent JSON schema based on DBIx result source name.

    my $json_schema = $converted->get_json_schema( 'TableSource', {
        decimals_to_pattern             => 1,
        has_schema_property_description => 1,
        allow_additional_properties     => 0,
        overwrite_schema_property_keys  => {
            name    => 'cat',
            address => 'dog',
        overwrite_schema_properties     => {
            name => {
                _action  => 'merge', # one of - merge/overwrite
                minimum  => 10,
                maximum  => 20,
                type     => 'number',
        exclude_required   => [ qw/ name address / ],
        exclude_properties => [ qw/ mouse house / ],

Optional arguments to change how JSON schema is generated:

  • decimals_to_pattern

    1/0 - value to indicate if 'number' type field should be converted to 'string' type with RegExp pattern based on decimal place definition in database.

    Default: 0

  • has_schema_property_description

    Generates very basic schema description fields e.g. 'Optional numeric type value for field context e.g. 1'.

    Default: 0

  • allow_additional_properties

    Define if the schema accepts additional keys in given payload.

    Default: 0

  • overwrite_schema_property_keys

    HashRef representing mapping between old property name and new property name to overwrite existing schema keys, Properties from old key will be assigned to the new property.

    Note The key conversion is executed last, every other option e.g. exclude_properties will work only on original database column names.

  • overwrite_schema_properties

    HashRef of property name and new attributes which can be either overwritten or merged based on given _action key.

  • exclude_required

    ArrayRef of database column names which should always be EXCLUDED from REQUIRED schema properties.

  • include_required

    ArrayRef of database column names which should always be INCLUDED in REQUIRED schema properties

  • exclude_properties

    ArrayRef of database column names which should be excluded from JSON schema AT ALL

  • schema_overwrite

    HashRef of top level schema properties e.g. 'required', 'properties' etc. to overwrite


DBIx::Class::ResultSource - Result source object


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