DDC::Hit - Hit structure for DDC query utilities


 use DDC::Hit;

 $hit = DDC::Hit->new(keywords=>\%keyword2undef,context=>$context_str,%bibl);
 @sents = $hit->parseContext(undef, %opts);
 @sents = DTA::Hit->parseContext($context_str, %opts);


DDC::Hit is the underlying structure for hits returned by DDC::Client.


 $hit = $CLASS_OR_OBJ->new(%args);

Object structure / accepted keyword %args:

 keywords  => \@keywords,    ##-- keyword list
 context   => $context_str,  ##-- context string
 $bibl_key => $bibl_val,     ##-- bibliographic data
  @sents = $hit->parseContext($context_str,%opts);     ##-- object method in list context;
 \@sents = $hit->parseContext($context_str,%opts);     ##-- object method in scalar context
  @sents = DDC::Hit->parseContext($context_str,%opts); ##-- class method in list context
 \@sents = DDC::Hit->parseContext($context_str,%opts); ##-- class method in scalar context

Parse a $context_str as returned by DDC::Client into perl data structures. If called as an object method, $context_str may be passed as undef, and defaults to $hit->{context}. Known options %opts:

 wordSeparator  => $wordSeparatorRegex,  ##-- default=' '
 fieldSeparator => $fieldSeparatorRegex, ##-- default="\x{a7}" (U+00A7 : Latin-1 Supplement / SECTION SIGN : §)
 fieldNames     => \@fieldNames,         ##-- default=undef (none)

returns a list of parsed sentences (list context) or a reference to such a list (scalar context)

 @sents = ($sents[0], ..., $sents[$#s])

where each element $s=$sents[$i] is an ARRAY ref of words

 $s = $sents[$i] = [ $s->[0], ..., $s->[$#$s] ]

and each word $w=$s->[$j] is either:

  • a simple scalar: if $opts{fieldSeparator} was undefined or only 1 field was returned

  • a ARRAY ref: if multiple fields were returned and $opts{fieldNames} was undefined

  • a HASH ref: if multiple fields were returned and $opts{fieldNames} was defined. The keys of the HASH are the elements of $opts{fieldNames} and their values are the corresponding values in the token-data list returned by DDC. In general, $opts{fieldNames} should contain a list of the token field names from the Indices line of the DDC server's *.opt file in the order specified by the DDC IndicesToShow option.


Bryan Jurish <>


Copyright (C) 2006-2016 by Bryan Jurish

This package is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself, either Perl version 5.14.2 or, at your option, any later version of Perl 5 you may have available.

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