Data::Result - Handling true and false in a better way!


  use Modern::Perl;
  use Data::Result;

  # just true 
  my $result=Data::Result->new(is_true=>0);
  if($result) {
    print "Yup its true!\n";

  # True with data
  $result=Data::Result->new(is_true=>1,data=>'Yup This is true!');
  if($result) {
    print $result->data,"\n";

  # just flase
  if($result) {
    print $result->data,"\n";
  } else {
    print "well, something went wrong!\n";

  # handle false, but give us an error!
  $result=Data::Result->new(is_true=>0,msg=>'this is our message');
  if($result) {
    print $result->data,"\n";
  } else {
    print "$result\n";


Handling true and false isn't always enough. This alows true and false to encapsulate things as a simple state.

Object Constructor Arguments

Data::Result provides the following constructor arguments

Required arguments:

  is_true: true or fale
    # if not blessed it will be converted to a boolean true or false object

Optional arguments

  data: Data this object contains
  msg:  A human readable string representing this object.
  extra: another slot to put data in

OO Methods

  • my $data=$result->get_data

    Simply a wrapper for $result->data

  • if($result->is_false) { ... }

    Inverts $self->is_true

  • my $result=Data::Result->new_true($data,$extra);

    Wrapper for

      my $result=Data::Result->new(is_true=>1,data=>$data,extra=>$data);
  • my $result=Data::Result->new_false($msg,$extra);

    Wrapper for

      my $result=Data::Result->new(is_true=>1,msg=>$msg,extra=>$data);

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