Data::Transpose::Validator::Subrefs Validator using custom subroutines

  sub custom_sub {
      my $field = shift;
      return $field
        if $field =~ m/\w/;
      return (undef, "Not a \\w");
  my $vcr = Data::Transpose::Validator::Subrefs->new( \&custom_sub );
  ok($vcr->is_valid("H!"), "Hi! is valid");
  ok(!$vcr->is_valid("!"), "! is not");
  is($vcr->error, "Not a \\w", "error displayed correctly");


The constructor accepts only one argument, a reference to a subroutine. The class will provide the variable to validate as the first and only argument. The subroutine is expected to return a true value on success, or a false value on failure.

To set a custom error, the subroutine in case of error should return 2 elements, where the first should be undefined (see the example above).


Accessor to the subroutine


The call to the validator.