Data::Type::Digger - digging types from data structures


    use Data::Type::Digger;

    my $in_data = { ... };

    my $out_data = dig( $in_data, do_scalar => { uc @_ }  );


dig helps you to deal with deep data structores.

Instead of other modules this allow more clearly separation of processing for different types of nodes into different sub's.

This can be useful, if the procesing code is different for different types of nodes, or if nodes have their own methods to apply or something other like this.

If you looking for more simple and type-independent tool, then you may look on some similar packages. For example: Data::Rmap, Data::Dmap, Data::Traverse.

Instead, if you need to process something like this: dig( $in_data, do_my_unique_class => { shift->unique_class_method() }, do_some_other_class => ... ); this module will be more useful. Also this module provide depth limitation, unblessing and cloning with passing just a simple param



    Perform recursive digging required types from data structure

    my $out_data = dig( $in_data, %params );

    in_data = source structure, required

    Params: # all param keys are optional
        do_all        => coderef, function called for all nodes
        do_hash       => coderef, function called for all hashref nodes
        do_array      => coderef, function called for all arrayref nodes
        do_scalar     => coderef, function called for all scalar nodes
        do_type       => coderef, function called for all nodes with ref = 'type'
        unbless       => 0 || 1,  turn all blessed objects into simple hashrefs
        clone         => 1,       make all actions on cloned structure and save the source data
        max_deep      => -1, int  -1, undef (not limited) || int (limited to INT) depth of work
        max_deep_cut  => 0 || 1,  save or cut the data deeper then max_deep

        assumes two params:
            node - value of current node
            key  - name or index of parent_node (if parent node ref is hash or array)

            new value of node


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    perldoc Data::Type::Digger

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    under the terms of the the Artistic License (2.0). You may obtain a
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dig($data, %param)

    perform digging data and do some actions on values