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Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::Author::KENTNL - BeLike::KENTNL when you build your distributions.


version 2.025021


    normal_form  = numify ; Mandatory for this bundle indicating normal form.
                          ; see DZP::Git::NextVersion::Sanitized

    mantissa     = 6      ; Mandatory for this bundle if normal_form is numify.
                          ; see DZP::Git::NextVersion::Sanitized

    authority    = cpan:KENTNL ; Optional, defaults to cpan:KENTNL

    auto_prereqs_skip   = Some::Module  ; Hide these from autoprereqs
    auto_prereqs_skip   = Other::Module

    toolkit     = mb   ; Which toolkit to use. Either eumm or mb
                         ; mb is default.

    toolkit_hardness = hard ; Whether to upgrade *require* deps to the latest
                            ; or wether to make them merely recomendations.
                            ; Either 'soft' ( recommend ) or 'hard' ( require )
                            ; default is 'hard'

    twitter_extra_hash_tags = #foo #bar ; non-default hashtags to append to the tweet


This is the plug-in bundle that KENTNL uses. It exists mostly because he is very lazy and wants others to be using what he's using if they want to be doing work on his modules.


As I blogged about on : Making a Minting Profile as a CPANized Dist , this bundle advocates a new naming system for people who are absolutely convinced they want their Author-Centric distribution uploaded to CPAN.

As we have seen with Dist::Zilla there have been a slew of PluginBundles with CPANID's in their name, to the point that there is a copious amount of name-space pollution in the PluginBundle name-space, and more Author bundles than task-bundles, which was really what the name-space was designed for, and I'm petitioning you to help reduce this annoyance in future modules.

From a CPAN testers perspective, the annoyance of lots of CPANID-dists is similar to the annoyance of the whole DPCHRIST:: subspace, and that if this pattern continues, it will mean for the testers who do not wish to test everyones personal modules, that they will have to work hard to avoid this. If DPCHRIST:: had used something like Author::DPCHRIST:: instead, I doubt so many people would be horrified by it, because you can just have a policy/rule that excludes ^Author::, and everyone else who goes that way can be quietly ignored.

Then we could probably rationally add that same restriction to the irc announce bots, the "recent modules" list and so-forth, and possibly even apply special indexing restrictions or something so people wouldn't even have to know those modules exist on cpan!

So, for the sake of cleanliness, semantics, and general global sanity, I ask you to join me with my Author:: naming policy to voluntarily segregate modules that are most likely of only personal use from those that have more general application.

    Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Foo                    # [Foo]                 dist-zilla plugins for general use
    Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Author::KENTNL::Foo    # [Author::KENTNL::Foo] foo that only KENTNL will probably have use for
    Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::Classic          # [@Classic]            A bundle that can have practical use by many
    Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::Author::KENTNL   # [@Author::KENTNL]     KENTNL's primary plugin bundle
    Dist::Zilla::MintingProfile::Default        # A minting profile that is used by all
    Dist::Zilla::MintingProfile::Author::KENTNL # A minting profile that only KENTNL will find of use.

Current Proponents

I wish to give proper respect to the people out there already implementing this scheme:

@Author::DOHERTY - Mike Doherty's, Author Bundle.
@Author::OLIVER - Oliver Gorwits', Author Bundle.
Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::Author:: namespace - Oliver Gorwit's blog on the subject.
@Author::LESPEA - Adam Lesperance's, Author Bundle.
@Author::ALEXBIO - Alessandro Ghedini's, Author Bundle.
@Author::RWSTAUNER - Randy Stauner's, Author Bundle.
@Author::WOLVERIAN - Ilmari Vacklin's, Author Bundle.
@Author::YANICK - Yanick Champoux's, Author Bundle.
@Author::RUSSOZ - Alexei Znamensky's, Author Bundle.



See the PluginBundle role for what this is for, it is a method to satisfy that role.


    $bundle_object->add_plugin("Basename" => { config_hash } );


    $bundle_object->add_named_plugin("alias" => "Basename" => { config_hash } );


Called by in bundle_config after new




  ArrayRef, ro, default = [], no init arg.

Populated during $self->configure and returned from ->bundle_config


  Str, ro, lazy

A normal_form to pass to [Git::NextVersion::Sanitized].

Defaults to numify

See [::Role::Version::Sanitize]


  Int, ro, defaults to 6.

Defines the length of the mantissa when normal form is numify.

See [Git::NextVersion::Sanitized] and [::Role::Version::Sanitize]


  Any, unused.

Since 2.020, this field is no longer required, and is unused, simply supported for legacy reasons.

Things may not work if code has not been portaged to be Git::NextVersion safe, but that's better than going "bang".

But code will be assumed to be using Git::NextVersion.


  Str, ro, default = cpan:KENTNL

An authority string to use for [Authority].


  ArrayRef, ro, multivalue, default = []

A list of prerequisites to pass to [AutoPrereqs].skips


  Str, ro, default = ""

Additional hash tags to append to twitter


  Str, ro, default = '#perl #cpan' . extras()

Populates extras from twitter_extra_hash_tags


  Str, ro, default =  q[{{$AUTHOR_UC}}/{{$DIST}}-{{$VERSION}}{{$TRIAL}}#whatsnew]

The URI to tweet to @kentnlrelease


  enum( hard, soft ), ro, default = hard
  • hard

    Copy the versions of important toolkit components the author was using as required dependencies, forcing consumers to update aggressively on those parts.

  • soft

    Copy the versions of important toolkit components the author was using as recommended dependencies, so that only consumers who are installing with --with-recommended get given the forced upgrade path.


  enum( mb, mbtiny, eumm ), ro, default = mb

Determines which tooling to generate the distribution with


  bump_versions = 1

If true, use [BumpVersionAfterRelease] and [RewriteVersions::Sanitized] instead of [PkgVersion] and [Git::NextVersion::Sanitized]


An array of files generated by Dist::Zilla build to copy from the built dist back to the source dist

If not specified, the default contents are as follows:

  copy_files = LICENSE
  copy_files = Makefile.PL

These defaults can be wiped with:

  copy_files = none


  src_readme = pod  ; # generate README.pod on the source side
  src_readme = mkdn ; # generate README.mkdn on the source side
  src_readme = none ; # don't generate README on the source side


Kent Fredric <>


This software is copyright (c) 2017 by Kent Fredric <>.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.