Ronan Waide
and 1 contributors


Finance::Bank::IE - shared functions for the Finance::Bank::IE module tree


This module implements shared functions for Finance::Bank::IE::*

  • $self->reset()

     Take necessary steps to reset the object to a pristine state, such as deleting cached configuration, etc.
  • $self->_agent

     Return the WWW::Mechanize object currently in use, or create one if
     no such object exists.
  • $self->cached_config( [config] )

      Get or set the cached config
  • $class = $self->_get_class()

     Return the bottom level class of $self
  • $scrubbed = $self->_scrub_page( $content )

     Scrub the supplied content for PII.
  • $self->_save_page()

     Save the current page if $ENV{SAVEPAGES} is set. The pages are
     anonymised before saving so that they can be used as test pages
     without fear of divulging any information.
  • $self->_streq( $a, $b )

     Return $a eq $b; if either is undef, substitutes an empty string.
  • $self->_rebuild_tag( $html_tokeparser_decomposed_tag )

     Return C<html_tokeparser_decomposed_tag> as a composed HTML tag.
  • $self->_dprintf( ... )

     Print to STDERR using printf formatting if $ENV{DEBUG} is set.
  • $self->_pages()

     Return a hashref of URLs & sentinel text to allow each page to be requested or identified. Format of each entry is a hash, 'url' => 'http://...', 'sentinel' => 'sentinel text'. Sentinel text will be used as-is in a regular expression match on the page content.
  • $self->_identify_page()

     Identify the current page among C<$self->_pages()> hashref. Returns C<UNKNOWN> if no match is found.
  • $self->_get( url, [config] )

     Get the specified URL, dealing with login if necessary along the way.
  • $self->_as_qif( $account_details_array_ref[, $type ] )

     Render C<$account_details_array_ref> as QIF. I<Very>
     limited. Optional C<$type> is the type of account.
     C<$account_details_array_ref> should be an arrayref of hashrefs, each
     containing the date, the payee, and the amount. Negative amounts
     indicate debits.