Ronan Waide
and 1 contributors


Finance::Bank::IE::PTSB - Finance::Bank interface for Permanent TSB (Ireland)


This module implements the Finance::Bank 'API' for Permanent TSB (Ireland)'s Open24 online banking service.

  • check_balance( [config] )

     Check the balances on all accounts. Optional config hashref.
  • account_details( $account [, config] )

     Return transaction details from the specified account
  • $self->_get_payments_page( account [, config ] )

     Get the third-party payments page for account
  • $self->list_beneficiaries( account )

     List beneficiaries of C<account>
  • $self->add_beneficiary( $from_account, $to_account_details, $config )

     Add a beneficiary to $from_account.
  • $receipt = $self->funds_transfer( $from, $to, $amt )

     Transfer C<$amt> from C<$from> to C<$to>. C<$from> has to match one
     of your account nicknames; C<$to> has to match a configured
  • $scrubbed = $self->_scrub_page( $content )

     Scrub the supplied content for PII.