Finance::Bank::SentinelBenefits::Csv401kConverter - Takes a series of lines in Sentinel Benefits format and writes them out as QIF files, subject to the symbol mappings specified.


version 1.3



This module takes a CSV file in the format "provided" i.e. copy-pasted from the Sentinel Benefits website. It also takes a description->symbol mapping, and one or two filenames to write out. The first file is a list of the transactions in QIF format. The second file, if provided, is a list of the company matches with the signs reversed, which can be useful if you want to keep unvested company contributions from showing up in your net worth calculations.



A file handle that supplies the trade data


Used if you wish to override the trade date specified in the input file, or if no trade date is available in the files.

If no dates are specified here or in the files, an exception will be thrown.


Writes the output to the output file

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