Finance::Bank::SentinelBenefits::Csv401kConverter::Line - stores one line of data from a Sentinel Benefits spreadsheet.


version 1.3


This class represents one transaction, whether a contribution or a company match, and tells you the security, the price, quantity, total money, etc. It doesn't have any smarts, but serves as an immutable internal data structure.



    my $l = Finance::Bank::SentinelBenefits::Csv401kConverter::Line->new(
        date     => $date,
        symbol   => $symbol,
        memo     => $memo,
        quantity => $quantity,
        price    => $price,
        total    => $total,
        source   => $source,
        side     => $side,



The date of the transaction


The symbol of the transaction


The memo of the transaction


The quantity of the transaction, can be franctional


The price of the transaction


The total of the transaction


The source of the transaction

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