Finance::Bank::SentinelBenefits::Csv401kConverter::QifWriter - Takes Finance::Bank::SentinelBenefits::Csv401kConverter::Line objects and writes them out to a QIF file


version 1.3


This class is responsible for taking a set of Lines and writing them out to QIF format. We use the class Finance::QIF to do the acutal writing to disk. If you pass it a secondary set of account information, it will also take any company matches, reverse their values, and write them to a secondary file. This is to allow you to keep track of your unvested balance.



    my $l = Finance::Bank::SentinelBenefits::Csv401kConverter::QifWrite->new( {
    main_output_filename => $main_output_filename,
    flip_output_filename => $flip_output_filename, ( optional )
    account           => $account,
    trade_date        => $trade_date,
    } );

  Constructs a new QifWriter for the given trade date and account.  Each qif writer can only generate to one trade date and account, and one main file.


Called by Moose infrastructure



The account of the transactions


The output file name that the QIF lines are written to.



Writes one line out to the QIF file. Line is of type Finance::Bank::SentinelBenefits::Csv401kConverter::Line


Closes the writer, ensuring that data is flushed to disk. Calling output_line after this is an error.

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