Finance::Bank::SentinelBenefits::Csv401kConverter::SymbolMap - fuzzy lookup of security descriptions to symbols


version 1.3


This class is necessary because Sentinel does not always supply the symbol in the download, so it can become necessary to do a lookup based on the description field that they supply to find the correct security symbol.



    my $st = Bank::SentinelBenefits::Csv401kConverter::SymbolMap->new({
        symbol_map => $HashRef[Str] | FileHandle });

Can be initialzed either from a hash mapping of the form description -> symbol or a comma delimited file of the same type.

Internal accessors


This is either a hash ref of strings, mapping descriptions to symbols, or a filehandle pointing to a file of the format 'description','symbol

Not really for external use


This is a hash ref of strings, mapping descriptions to symbols. Internal use only.



Takes a security description. Returns either the symbol, if lookup is successful, or undef;


Internal Moose infrastructure, ignore.

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