Finance::Currency::Convert::BCA - Convert currency using BCA (Bank Central Asia)


This document describes version 0.155 of Finance::Currency::Convert::BCA (from Perl distribution Finance-Currency-Convert-BCA), released on 2021-02-01.


 use Finance::Currency::Convert::BCA qw(convert_currency);

 printf "1 USD = Rp %.0f\n", convert_currency(1, 'USD', 'IDR');


This module can extract currency rates from the BCA/KlikBCA (Bank Central Asia's internet banking) website:

Currently only conversions from a few currencies to Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) are supported.




 convert_currency($n, $from, $to, $which) -> any

Convert currency using BCA.

Currently can only handle conversion to IDR. Dies if given other currency.

Will warn if failed getting currencies from the webpage.

Currency rate is not cached (retrieved from the website every time). Employ your own caching.

Will return undef if no conversion rate is available for the requested currency.

Use get_currencies(), which actually retrieves and scrapes the source web page, if you need the more complete result.

This function is not exported by default, but exportable.

Arguments ('*' denotes required arguments):

  • $from* => str

  • $n* => float

  • $to* => str

  • $which => str (default: "avg_er")

    Select which rate to use (default is average buy+sell for e-Rate).


Return value: (any)



 get_currencies() -> [status, msg, payload, meta]

Extract data from KlikBCA/BCA page.

This function is not exported by default, but exportable.

No arguments.

Returns an enveloped result (an array).

First element (status) is an integer containing HTTP status code (200 means OK, 4xx caller error, 5xx function error). Second element (msg) is a string containing error message, or 'OK' if status is 200. Third element (payload) is optional, the actual result. Fourth element (meta) is called result metadata and is optional, a hash that contains extra information.

Return value: (any)

Will return a hash containing key currencies.

The currencies is a hash with currency symbols as keys and prices as values.

Tha values is a hash with these keys: buy_bn and sell_bn (Bank Note buy/sell rates), buy_er and sell_er (e-Rate buy/sell rates), buy_ttc and sell_ttc (Telegraphic Transfer Counter buy/sell rates).


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