This module encapsulates the raw interactions with Flickr's API - the creation of an HTTP request, signing of arguments, checking of response codes, and so forth.

End users shouldn't need to use this module - instead, use the Flickr::API2 object, and call 'execute_method' on it.



Constructor - takes arguments of: key (api key) secret (api key's secret) rest_uri (which URL at flickr to use - defaults to the correct value) auth_uri (which URL at flickr for authentication - defaults to correct value)

sign_args ($secret, \%args)

Signs the given arguments with the given secret key.

request_auth_url ($perms, $frob)

Returns a URI object representing the URL that an application must redirect a user to for approving an authentication token.

For web-based applications $frob is an optional parameter.

Returns undef if a secret was not specified when creating the Flickr::API2 object.


Called from execute_method() to kick off the API query process. Either dies with an exception, or returns a hash-reference of the results.


Calls LWP::UserAgent's ->request method, but does so within the Retry system, in order to catch and retry timeouts.

Added by request.