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Gimp::Data - Set and get persistent data.


  use Gimp::Data;

  $Gimp::Data{'value1'} = "Hello";
  print $Gimp::Data{'value1'},", World!!\n";


With this module, you can access plugin-specific (or global) data in Gimp, i.e. you can store and retrieve values that are stored in the main Gimp application.

An example would be to save parameter values in Gimp, so that on subsequent invocations of your plug-in, the user does not have to set all parameter values again (Gimp::Fu does this already).


You can store and retrieve anything you like in this hash. Its contents will automatically be stored in Gimp, and can be accessed in later invocations of your plug-in. Be aware that other plug-ins store data in the same "hash", so better prefix your key with something unique, like your plug-in's name. As an example, the Gimp::Fu module uses "function_name/_fu_data" to store its data.

As of Gimp version 2.3 (and GIMP 2.8), your data will survive a restart of the Gimp application.

Gimp::Data will freeze your data when you pass in a reference. On retrieval, the data is thawed again. See Data::Dumper for more info.


Marc Lehmann <>


perl(1), Gimp.