HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler2 - experimental (alpha) Mason/mod_perl2 interface


    use HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler2;
    my $ah = HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler2->new ( params..);
    sub handler {
     my $r = shift;


HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler2 is highly experimental ( alpha ) and should only be used in a test environment.

HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler2 is a clone of HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler changed to work under a pure mod_perl2 environment. The external interface is unchanged, see HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler.

The actual changes I made can be found in the distribution in diff/ApacheHandler.diff ( made with 'diff -Naru' ... ).

A HOTWO for HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler2 may be found at HOWTO Run Mason with mod_perl2.


You must have the following packages installed:

    mod_perl        => 1.9910
    HTML::Mason'    => 1.25
    libapreq2       => 2.02-dev

Please refer to the original packages' documentation for instructions.


My documents, including: HOWTO Run Mason with mod_perl2, MasonX::Request::WithApacheSession2, MasonX::Request::WithMultiSession2,

Original Mason documents, including: HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler, MasonX::Request::WithApacheSession, MasonX::Request::WithMultiSession.

Also see the Mason documentation at


Beau E. Cox <>

The real authors (I just made mod_perl2 changes) are the Mason crew, including: Jonathan Swartz <>, Dave Rolsky <>, Ken Williams <>.

Version 0.01 as of January, 2004.

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