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HTTP::Server::PSGI - Standalone PSGI compatible HTTP server


  use HTTP::Server::PSGI;

  my $server = HTTP::Server::PSGI->new(
      host => "",
      port => 9091,
      timeout => 120,



HTTP::Server::PSGI is a standalone, single-process and PSGI compatible HTTP server implementations.

This server should be great for the development and testing, but might not be suitable for a production use.

Some features in HTTP/1.1, notably chunked requests, responses and pipeline requests are NOT supported, and it also does not support HTTP/0.9.

See Starman or uWSGI server if you want HTTP/1.1 and other features ready for a production use.


HTTP::Server::PSGI does NOT support preforking. See Starman or Starlet if you want a multi-process prefork web servers.


This web server supports `psgix.harakiri` extension defined in the PSGI::Extensions.

This application is a non-forking single process web server (i.e. `psgi.multiprocess` is false), and if your application commits harakiri, the entire web server stops too. In case this behavior is not what you want, be sure to check `psgi.multiprocess` as well to enable harakiri only in the preforking servers such as Starman.

On the other hand, this behavior might be handy if you want to embed this module in your application and serve HTTP requests for only short period of time, then go back to your main program.


Kazuho Oku

Tatsuhiko Miyagawa


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