IOas::CP932 - provides CP932 I/O subroutines for UTF-8 script


  use IOas::CP932;

    # Octet Length as I/O Encoding
    $result = IOas::CP932::length($utf8str);
    $result = IOas::CP932::sprintf($utf8format, @utf8list);
    $result = IOas::CP932::substr($utf8expr, $offset_as_cp932, $length_as_cp932, $utf8replacement);
    $result = IOas::CP932::substr($utf8expr, $offset_as_cp932, $length_as_cp932);
    $result = IOas::CP932::substr($utf8expr, $offset_as_cp932);

    # String Comparison as I/O Encoding
    $result = IOas::CP932::cmp($utf8str_a, $utf8str_b);
    $result = IOas::CP932::eq($utf8str_a, $utf8str_b);
    $result = IOas::CP932::ne($utf8str_a, $utf8str_b);
    $result = IOas::CP932::ge($utf8str_a, $utf8str_b);
    $result = IOas::CP932::gt($utf8str_a, $utf8str_b);
    $result = IOas::CP932::le($utf8str_a, $utf8str_b);
    $result = IOas::CP932::lt($utf8str_a, $utf8str_b);
    @result = IOas::CP932::sort(@utf8str);

    # Encoding Convert on I/O Operations
    $result = IOas::CP932::getc(FILEHANDLE);
    $scalar = IOas::CP932::readline(FILEHANDLE);
    @list   = IOas::CP932::readline(FILEHANDLE);
    $result = IOas::CP932::print(FILEHANDLE, @utf8str);
    $result = IOas::CP932::printf(FILEHANDLE, $utf8format, @utf8list);

Count Length by

  count by    count by              count by octet
  octet       UTF-8 codepoint       in I/O encoding
  (useful)    (not so useful)       (useful)
  length      UTF8::R2::length      IOas::CP932::length
  sprintf                           IOas::CP932::sprintf
  substr      UTF8::R2::substr      IOas::CP932::substr

Compare String by

  compare by                        compare by
  script encoding                   I/O encoding
  cmp                               IOas::CP932::cmp
  eq                                IOas::CP932::eq
  ne                                IOas::CP932::ne
  ge                                IOas::CP932::ge
  gt                                IOas::CP932::gt
  le                                IOas::CP932::le
  lt                                IOas::CP932::lt
  sort                              IOas::CP932::sort

I/O Operations

  raw I/O       I/O operations      I/O operations
  operations    in UTF-8 encoding   with encoding convert
  getc          UTF8::R2::getc      IOas::CP932::getc
  <FILEHANDLE>                      IOas::CP932::readline
  print                             IOas::CP932::print
  printf                            IOas::CP932::printf


INABA Hitoshi <>

This project was originated by INABA Hitoshi.


This software is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. See perlartistic.

This software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.