Kephra - compact, effective and beautiful coding editor


    kephra [file_name]

Small single file editor for perl with max editing comfort.


Kephra is an editor from and for programmers, currently at start of rewrite. This page gives you a summary how to use it.

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File IO

Currently just the basics: ASCII and UTF-8 coding. Open, reload, save and saving under different file name. See the menu for key kombos.


Basic editing as expected: undo redo, cut copy paste delete. When nothing is selected Ctrl+C copies current line.

Slightly more advanced is swapping selection and clipboard (Ctrl+Shift+V) and duplicate current line or selection with Ctrl+D. Ctrl+A grows selection from word to expression to line, block, sub until all is selected and shrink selection is just the opposite (Ctrl+Shift+A).

Holding Ctrl allows you no navigate with left and right as expected word wise, up and down block wise and page up and page down subroutine wise. If the cursor is next to round a brace character you will navigate the its partner.

Holding Alt moves the selected or current line up or down. Left and right indent and dedents char wise in this mode. Normal indent/dedent listens to Tab and Shift+Tab.

Ctrl+K toggles comment status of current or selected lines (commented becomes uncommented and vice versa). Ctrl+Shift+K does the same, but with one difference. Ladder are the normal perl comments you might know (called line comments). The first option adds another letter after the pound symbol so that such (block) comments stay commented, even after come actions with Ctrl+Shift+K.

Bracing characters (including '' and "") are always created in pairs and will embrace the selection.

Search and Replace

Kephra provides all the usual search and replace functions you expect. We made sure all is accessable via menu, searchbar and keyboard. The searchbar expands to replacebar via Strg+Shift+F or the '=' button. There you can only search for the replace term and refert the current. Available options are: case sensitiv, words only, word starts, Regex, Wrap.

F3 skips to next search term (selection by default) findings, F2 to next marker. Adding shift searhes in reverse order (to previous finding). Alt+F3 replaces selection with replace term and goes to next finding. Adding Shift again reverses order. Ctrl+F takes selection as search term and enters the search bar. Adding Shift takes the selection as replace term and enters the input field for the replace term where you can easily navigate the findings of search (up and down) and replace term (Alt+up/down) and change it in both directions with (Alt+)Enter.

Ctrl+E jumps to position of last edit.


F11 toggles full screen mode.


Development is done is stages which are focused on different feature sets. Wer are in stage one called sed, where its all about basic editing with comfort and effectiveness Next stage will be called med and will be about having open several docs. Because Kephra is mainly released now on CPAN we will go on with versioning and choose 0.401 instead of 0.01.

For more please check the TODO file.


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Copyright(c) 2022 by Herbert Breunung

All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the GPL version 3.