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Math::Symbolic::Parser::Precompiled - Precompiled Math::Symbolic Parser


This module is a precompiled version of the Parse::RecDescent grammar that can be found in $Math::Symbolic::Parser::Grammar. It is used internally to improve startup performance. Please use the new() method in the Math::Symbolic::Parser namespace to generate new parsers.

Also note that some modules on CPAN (like Math::SymbolicX::Complex, etc.) modify the parser which is stored in $Math::Symbolic::Parser at the time of loading the module.


Please send feedback, bug reports, and support requests to the Math::Symbolic support mailing list: math-symbolic-support at lists dot sourceforge dot net. Please consider letting us know how you use Math::Symbolic. Thank you.

If you're interested in helping with the development or extending the module's functionality, please contact the developers' mailing list: math-symbolic-develop at lists dot sourceforge dot net.

List of contributors:

  Steffen Müller, symbolic-module at steffen-mueller dot net
  Stray Toaster, mwk at users dot sourceforge dot net
  Oliver Ebenhöh


New versions of this module can be found on http://steffen-mueller.net or CPAN. The module development takes place on Sourceforge at http://sourceforge.net/projects/math-symbolic/



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