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Math::SymbolicX::NoSimplification - Turn off Math::Symbolic simplification


  use Math::SymbolicX::NoSimplification qw(:all);
  # ... code that uses Math::Symbolic ...
  # Won't use the builtin simplification routines.
  # ...
  # ... code that uses Math::Symbolic ...
  # Will use the builtin simplification routines.
  # ...
  # ... you get the idea ...


This module offers facilities to turn off the builtin Math::Symbolic simplification routines and replace them with routines that just clone the objects. You may want to do this in cases where the simplification routines fail to simplify the Math::Symbolic trees and waste a lot of CPU time. (For example, calculating the first order Taylor polynomial of a moderately complex test function was sped up by 100% on my machine.)

A word of caution, however: If you turn off the simplification routines, some procedures may produce very, very large trees. One such procedure would be the consecutive application of many derivatives to a product without intermediate simplification. This would yield exponential growth of nodes. (And may, in fact, still do if you keep the simplification heuristics turned on because most expressions cannot be simplified significantly.)


Just load the module to turn off simplification. To turn it back on, you can call Math::SymbolicX::NoSimplification-do_simplify()> and to turn it off again, you may call Math::SymbolicX::NoSimplification-do_simplify()>. Since the module's name is quite long, you may choose to import do_simplify() and/or dont_simplify() into your namespace using standard Exporter semantics. See below.



Turn simplification back on.


Turn simplification off.


None by default, but you may choose to import either the routines do_simplify() and/or dont_simplify() or both by using the :all exporter group. See also: Exporter


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