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Run through the list of MojoMojo converters. Currently it's just the <pre lang="$lang"> to <pre class="prettyprint">


Turn MojoMojo <pre lang="$foo">bar</pre> into: <pre class="prettyprint">bar</pre>


Graciously pilfered from dandv's hard work on MojoMojo.

Calls the formatter. Takes a ref to the content as well as the context object. The syntax for the TOC plugin invocation is:

  {{toc M- }}     # start from Header level M
  {{toc -N }}     # stop at Header level N
  {{toc M-N }}    # process only header levels M..N

where M is the minimum heading level to include in the TOC, and N is the maximum level (depth). For example, suppose you only have one H1 on the page so it doesn't make sense to add it to the TOC; also, assume you and don't want to include any headers smaller than H3. The {{toc}} markup to achieve that would be:

  {{toc 2-3}}

Defaults to 1-6.


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