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Mojo::Loader - Load all kinds of things


  use Mojo::Loader qw(data_section find_modules load_class);

  # Find modules in a namespace
  for my $module (find_modules 'Some::Namespace') {

    # Load them safely
    my $e = load_class $module;
    warn qq{Loading "$module" failed: $e} and next if ref $e;

    # And extract files from the DATA section
    say data_section($module, 'some_file.txt');


Mojo::Loader is a class loader and plugin framework. Aside from finding modules and loading classes, it allows multiple files to be stored in the DATA section of a class, which can then be accessed individually.

  package Foo;


  @@ test.txt
  This is the first file.

  @@ test2.html (base64)

  @@ test
  This is the
  third file.

Each file has a header starting with @@, followed by the file name and optional instructions for decoding its content. Currently only the Base64 encoding is supported, which can be quite convenient for the storage of binary data.


Mojo::Loader implements the following functions, which can be imported individually.


  my $all   = data_section 'Foo::Bar';
  my $index = data_section 'Foo::Bar', 'index.html';

Extract embedded file from the DATA section of a class, all files will be cached once they have been accessed for the first time.

  # List embedded files
  say for keys %{data_section 'Foo::Bar'};


  my $bool = file_is_binary 'Foo::Bar', 'test.png';

Check if embedded file from the DATA section of a class was Base64 encoded.


  my @pkgs = find_packages 'MyApp::Namespace';

Search for packages in a namespace non-recursively.


  my @modules = find_modules 'MyApp::Namespace';
  my @modules = find_modules 'MyApp::Namespace', {recursive => 1};

Search for modules in a namespace.

These options are currently available:

  recursive => 1

Search namespace recursively.


  my $e = load_class 'Foo::Bar';

Load a class and catch exceptions, returns a false value if loading was successful, a true value if the class was not found, or a Mojo::Exception object if loading failed. Note that classes are checked for a new method to see if they are already loaded, so trying to load the same class multiple times may yield different results.

  # Handle exceptions
  if (my $e = load_class 'Foo::Bar') {
    die ref $e ? "Exception: $e" : 'Not found!';


  my @classes = load_classes 'Foo::Bar';

Load all classes in a namespace recursively.


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