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Mojolicious::Sessions - Session manager based on signed cookies


  use Mojolicious::Sessions;

  my $sessions = Mojolicious::Sessions->new;


Mojolicious::Sessions manages sessions based on signed cookies for Mojolicious. All data gets serialized with Mojo::JSON and stored Base64 encoded on the client-side, but is protected from unwanted changes with a HMAC-SHA256 signature.


Mojolicious::Sessions implements the following attributes.

  my $domain = $sessions->cookie_domain;
  $sessions  = $sessions->cookie_domain('');

Domain for session cookies, not defined by default.

  my $name  = $sessions->cookie_name;
  $sessions = $sessions->cookie_name('session');

Name for session cookies, defaults to mojolicious.

  my $path  = $sessions->cookie_path;
  $sessions = $sessions->cookie_path('/foo');

Path for session cookies, defaults to /.


  my $time  = $sessions->default_expiration;
  $sessions = $sessions->default_expiration(3600);

Default time for sessions to expire in seconds from now, defaults to 3600. The expiration timeout gets refreshed for every request. Setting the value to 0 will allow sessions to persist until the browser window is closed, this can have security implications though. For more control you can also use the expiration and expires session values.

  # Expiration date in seconds from now (persists between requests)
  $c->session(expiration => 604800);

  # Expiration date as absolute epoch time (only valid for one request)
  $c->session(expires => time + 604800);

  # Delete whole session by setting an expiration date in the past
  $c->session(expires => 1);


  my $cb    = $sessions->deserialize;
  $sessions = $sessions->deserialize(sub ($bytes) {...});

A callback used to deserialize sessions, defaults to "j" in Mojo::JSON.

  $sessions->deserialize(sub ($bytes) { return {} });


  my $samesite = $sessions->samesite;
  $sessions    = $sessions->samesite('Strict');

Set the SameSite value on all session cookies, defaults to Lax. Note that this attribute is EXPERIMENTAL because even though most commonly used browsers support the feature, there is no specification yet besides this draft.

  # Disable SameSite feature


  my $bool  = $sessions->secure;
  $sessions = $sessions->secure($bool);

Set the secure flag on all session cookies, so that browsers send them only over HTTPS connections.


  my $cb    = $sessions->serialize;
  $sessions = $sessions->serialize(sub ($hash) {...});

A callback used to serialize sessions, defaults to "encode_json" in Mojo::JSON.

  $sessions->serialize(sub ($hash) { return '' });


Mojolicious::Sessions inherits all methods from Mojo::Base and implements the following new ones.



Load session data from signed cookie.



Store session data in signed cookie.


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