Nagios::Plugin::LDAP - Nagios plugin to observe LDAP.


  use Nagios::Plugin::LDAP;

  my $np = Nagios::Plugin::LDAP->new;


Please setup your nagios config.

  ### check response time(msec) for LDAP
  define command {
    command_name    check_ldap_response
    command_line    /usr/bin/check_ldap -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -w 3 -c 5

This plugin can execute with all threshold options together.

Command Line Options

  Usage: check_ldap -H <host> -b <base_dn> [-p <port>] [-a <attr>] [-D <binddn>]
         [-P <password>] [-w <warn_time>] [-c <crit_time>] [-t timeout]
         [-2|-3] [-4|-6]

   -h, --help
      Print detailed help screen
   -V, --version
      Print version information
   -H, --hostname=ADDRESS
      Host name, IP Address, or unix socket (must be an absolute path)
   -M, --master=ADDRESS
      Host name or IP Address of master LDAP server to check replication
   -p, --port=INTEGER
      Port number (default: 389)
   -4, --use-ipv4
      Use IPv4 connection
   -6, --use-ipv6
      Use IPv6 connection
   -a [--attr]
      ldap attribute to search (default: "(objectclass=*)"
   -b [--base]
      ldap base (eg. ou=my unit, o=my org, c=at
   -D [--bind]
      ldap bind DN (if required)
   -P [--pass]
      ldap password (if required)
   -T [--starttls]
      use starttls mechanism introduced in protocol version 3
   -S [--ssl]
      use ldaps (ldap v2 ssl method). this also sets the default port to %s
   -2 [--ver2]
      use ldap protocol version 2
   -3 [--ver3]
      use ldap protocol version 3
      (default protocol version: 2)
   -w, --warning=DOUBLE
      Response time to result in warning status (seconds)
   -c, --critical=DOUBLE
      Response time to result in critical status (seconds)
      Replication time delta to result in warning status (seconds)
      Replication time delta to result in critical status (seconds)
   -t, --timeout=INTEGER
      Seconds before connection times out (default: 10)
   -v, --verbose
      Show details for command-line debugging (Nagios may truncate output)



create instance.


run checks.


Graham Barr <>


Copyright 2007 Toru Yamaguchi, All Rights Reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.