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    use NanoMsg::Raw;

        my $msg = nn_allocmsg(3, 0);
        nn_send($sock, $msg);

        nn_recv($sock, my $buf);
        warn $buf;


Instances of this class represent a message buffer allocated by nanomsg. New empty buffers can be allocated using nn_allocmsg. Both nn_recv and nn_recvmsg can be used to allocate buffers initialised with the contents of a received message.

NanoMsg::Raw::Messages can be used to send and receive data in a zero-copy fashion.

When using a message instance as a string, its overloading will produce a string containing a copy of the buffer content.

A string pointing to the actual buffer content, without having to create a copy of it, can be obtained by dereferencing the message instance as a scalar.


Copies $data to the beginning of the buffer. If the data is larger than the space allocated for the buffer, an exception will be thrown.



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