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Net::DBus::ASyncReply - asynchronous method reply handler


  use Net::DBus::Annotation qw(:call);

  my $object = $service->get_object("/org/example/systemMonitor");

  # List processes & get on with other work until
  # the list is returned.
  my $asyncreply = $object->list_processes(dbus_call_async, "someuser");

  while (!$asyncreply->is_ready) {
    ... do some background work..

  my $processes = $asyncreply->get_result;


This object provides a handler for receiving asynchronous method replies. An asynchronous reply object is generated when making remote method call with the dbus_call_async annotation set.



Indicates that the caller is no longer interested in recieving the reply & that it should be discarded. After calling this method, this object should not be used again.


Blocks the caller waiting for completion of the of the asynchronous reply. Upon returning from this method, the result can be obtained with the get_result method.

my $boolean = $asyncreply->is_ready;

Returns a true value if the asynchronous reply is now complete (or a timeout has occurred). When this method returns true, the result can be obtained with the get_result method.


Sets a notify function which will be invoked when the asynchronous reply finally completes. The callback will be invoked with a single parameter which is this object.

my @data = $asyncreply->get_result;

Retrieves the data associated with the asynchronous reply. If a timeout occurred, then this method will throw an exception. This method can only be called once the reply is complete, as indicated by the is_ready method returning a true value. After calling this method, this object should no longer be used.


Daniel Berrange <dan@berrange.com>


Copright (C) 2006-2011, Daniel Berrange.


Net::DBus, Net::DBus::RemoteObject, Net::DBus::Annotation