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Changes for version 1.2.0 - 2019-12-16

  • Avoid memory leak with timeouts in reactor
  • Disable XML entity expansion in introspection XML docs
  • Don't include GIT repo in dist
  • Remove obsolete XML::Grove dep from spec
  • Fix GIT repo location
  • Fix misc typos in POD
  • Make reactor robust to time going backwards
  • Add GIT repo & bug tracker to Makefile.PL
  • Fix basepath when enumerating subnodes
  • Fix child paths in introspection XML to be relative
  • Support passing UNIX file descriptors
  • Fix encoding of properties via GetAll method
  • Add return & param names for standard interface introspection
  • Use org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod error code
  • Fix reactor add_exception method
  • Enable exporting objects on the root node
  • Fix introspection decode with zero parameters
  • Validate parameters for standard methods
  • Validate object interface against declared method
  • Don't include MYMETA.* files in dist
  • Fix passing nomainloop parameter to constructor
  • Fix variant type in mock iterator


tutorials on the Perl DBus APIs
tutorials on providing a DBus service
tutorial on accessing a DBus service


Perl extension for the DBus message system
asynchronous method reply handler
annotations for changing behaviour of APIs
base class for exporting objects to the bus
Handle to a well-known message bus instance
A connection between client and server
Handler for object introspection data
Reading and writing message parameters
Base class for messages
a message encoding a method call error
a message encoding a method call
a message encoding a method return
a message encoding a signal
A handler for pending method replies
A server to accept incoming connections
Strongly typed data value
binding to the dbus watch API
a callback for receiving reactor events
Stringify Net::DBus objects suitable for printing
Error details for remote method invocation
Export object methods and signals to the bus
Implement objects to export to the bus
Implement objects to export to the bus
application event loop
Access objects provided on the bus
Access services provided on the bus
Provide a service to the bus for clients to use
Fake a connection to the bus unit testing
Iterator over a mock message
Fake a message object when unit testing
Fake an object from the bus for unit testing