Net::Prometheus::PerlCollector - obtain statistics about the perl interpreter


   use Net::Prometheus;
   use Net::Prometheus::PerlCollector;

   my $client = Net::Prometheus->new;
   $client->register( Net::Prometheus::PerlCollector->new );


This module provides a class that collects metrics about the perl interpreter itself.


The following metrics are collected:

  • perl_heap_arenas

    A gauge giving the number of arenas the heap is split into.

  • perl_heap_svs

    A gauge giving the total number of SVs allocated on the heap.

Note that the way these metrics are collected requires counting them all every time. While this code is relatively efficient, it is still a linear scan, and may itself cause some slowdown of the process at the time it is collected, if the heap has grown very large, containing a great number of SVs.


Paul Evans <>